MisterRed Plays

"MisterRed Plays" is an ongoing series where MisteRed plays video games on Youtube (link), and on Twitch (link). It's great, check it out.

There is currently one active series, Pokèmon Emerald version, the Wurmple Challenge, with more on the way.

Wurmple Challenge - Part 4: Wurmpleing Around

Yay, another episode of Wurmple hunting and grinding!

Wurmple Challenge - Part 3: Waiting for the Wurmples

In this episode of Pokèmon Crystal, MisterRed goes Wurmple hunting!

Wurmple Challenge - Part 2: Wurmple-tail

In this episode of the Wurmple Challenge, MisterRed catches his first Wurmple!!!

Wurmple Challenge - Part 1: The Early Wurmple

In this episode of the Wurmple Challenge, MisterRed chooses a starter and embarks on an grand adventure.

World of Warcraft

Hopping on the bandwagon, MisterRed attempts to learn how to play World of Warcraft. Spoilers: a long time is spent doing nothing!

Pokèmon Crystal

MisterRed tests using Twitch to stream a game, in this case, Pokèmon Crystal version!