I think my father is trying to kill me

Holy shit, you guys. I can barely even type this, but I didn’t know what else to do. I think my father’s trying to kill me. So, what happened was, about a year ago, my mother and I went out for a drive, we were trying to look for a garage sale she saw. Well, I was driving, and she thought she saw it, the sale, so she pointed it out, but it distracted me, so I didn’t even see the truck in the oncoming lane.

I don’t remember the crash but I remember waking up, and I remember that she was dead. It was horrible.

My father didn’t take it very well. He screamed at me during the funeral, and my Uncle Mike had to pull him out of the church. I think they went to a bar or something. He’s been drinking ever since.

So, then a few a weeks ago, I was asleep and I heard this crash. My dad was in my room, broke down my door, and he was stone drunk. He reeked of booze, and I could swear he was trying to say, “Your fault,” but it sounded more like “Your full” or some shit. I don’t think he remembers that.

I decided not to bring it up, again, but then, it happened again, only he wasn’t drunk, and he didn’t wake me up, he just snuck in and sat there, staring. I lied there, pretending to be asleep, about to piss myself. Eventually, I decided to do something, I pretended to wake up. I sat up and said, “Wa- Dad?” in my best WTF voice. He jumped up and ran. I heard something clatter, and then I turned the light on, I saw a knife lying on the ground. I think he ws sitting there for like an hour or some shit.

Then, a few minutes ago, I overheard him on the phone with the police. He said that he heard a strange noise in my room and when he came in, he found me dead.

I don’t know what to do, you guys. I’m so scared, I think he’s gonna kill me or something. Any help you guys have, I’ll do it, I just don’t know what to do.

UPDATE: I'm alive. Crazy shit now, I'll let you know.

UPDATE 2: Okay, everyone. Things calmed down now. I'm alive, and at my best friend's house. Where to continue...

To be honest with you, after I thought about it, I wasn't sure I wanted to escape. My bitch of an ex-girlfriend just dumped me, and I just found out I failed most of my courses in college. There really wasn't a lot going for me, and I've been really depressed lately.

But then I saw that I was getting upvotes. And comments telling me to run, and I realized. People do care about me. I am loved. So, that's when I decided to act.

My dad came back into my room, but he didn't find me. I was under the bed, and he didn't look. When he went in to check my closet, I threw the door shut, and knocked my dresser over. He was shut in. Then I ran to my neighbor's to call the police.

They asked my approximately all of the questions ever, and went over to my house to get my dad. But they didn't find him. He wasn't in the house.